Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pixel Day

I finished my first Pixel Art. It's The Rock tank. I got a little bit inspiration from Metal Slugs.
I was boored and I made one more web page called The Rock Tutorial.
I'm still working on Siemens CX65 model, I made all buttons today, looks very impressive to me.
I feel a little bit silly, because I made the tutorial after first work. But let's say that page is more a "Making of" page than tutorial page.
I can't wait end of week, I'm going to Hevreka!05 with some schoolmates.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another casual day/post

Nothing impressive happend, I got 2 in Geography test :(
I'm still working on CX65, but not much today. I'm playing old school game.
METAL SLUG I finished 1,2,3 today, now I'm starting 4 ;)

Stay tunned!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Post after First post

Today I worked on a Siemens CX65 model. Mesh is very cool, but my computer is slow for processing so much polys.
Today was very casual day, nothing happend. We had 9 negative degrees (of 23) in Deutchland test. I got positive degree ;) Must go to bed now, I'm wasted.

First post


What a silly start, ha?

I'm 16yr old guy from Slovenia (chicken shaped country in Europe).
I work in 3D work space for 2 years. I'm working on 2D, programming, designing as well.

I want to say that my English is not perfect, because I speak Slovenian, English it's just my primary foreign language.